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Emma Stephenson is a Canadian born professional dancer, actor, aerialist and choreographer. With a diverse background in multiple disciplines, she has traveled the world to perform. Currently based in Vancouver, BC, Emma is a frequent presence in the film and TV industry as both a dancer and choreographer, with credits on popular shows such as "Riverdale," "Yellow Jackets," and "Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies”. In addition to her work on

screen, Emma has contributed to the creative process as part of skeleton crews for prestigious choreographers including Mandy Moore, Heather Laura Gray, Jamal Sims, and Louise Hradsky.

She is passionate about teaching and has classes at two of Vancouver's top drop-in studios, Harbour Dance Center and Studio North. Emma's passion for dance and her natural ability to connect with others make her an ideal mentor for the upcoming generation of dancers. She believes that building trust and creating a supportive environment are key to helping dancers reach their full potential.

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